第二波的店長體驗亦已經完滿結束,感謝兩位靚靚又稱職既店長大使👩🏻‍💼除左延續上次既產品試食, 臨場加碼仲有免費產品禮品包🎁答謝大家既支持! 唔想錯過我地既快閃優惠, 同想睇到@ sineo_sy @ missstepstep 既專業介紹, 敬請期待我地既IG update啦♥️
網店輸入優惠碼(shirley20 / stephanie20) 即享有八折, 門市亦都適用, 歡迎到店選購!
A big thank you to our two lovely store ambassadors👩🏻‍💼 for making the second meet and greet event at SING Health so special! We thank you all for the support and hope you enjoyed the gift packs and taste testing!
Stay tuned to our IG update to not miss another flash promotion🎁 and product review from @ sineo_sy @ missstepstep♥️
Enter the discount code (shirley20 / stephanie20) to receive 20% discount for our online store purchases. Discount code is also applicable for instore purchases, so come and visit us now!
上星期日的店長體驗已完滿結束, 嘉賓同fans一齊影相📸互動之餘,
我地仲提供了產品試食, 感受SING health滋味。感謝三位店長@sabrinnchaa @junedaisy @signorinabelle既落力推介💕, 希望大家可以更加認識SING Health品牌同產品, 活動完左但優惠仲未完~~
網店輸入優惠碼(belle20 / sabrina20 / daisy20) 即享有八折, 門市亦都適用, 歡迎到店選購🛍!
A big thank you to the three beautiful store ambassadors💕 @sabrinnchaa @junedaisy @signorinabelle for visiting and promoting our SING Health store. The turnout was amazing! Everyone had a great time and it was truly an enjoyable experience. ✨
But the promotions don’t just end here! Visit our online now or drop by our retail store and enter the discount code (belle20 / sabrina20 / daisy20) to enjoy a 20% discount! Let the good times roll!🛍