Xndo Zero Pasta and Xndo Zero Quinoa are certified non-GMO, free from preservatives and artificial colours. With konjac being the major ingredient of the Xndo Zero Pasta, it is prepared al-dente to satisfy your craving, and can be served perfectly as a low GI meal allowing one to feel full for a longer duration. Xndo ZERO Quinoa is a superfood that provides a good source of dietary fibre, and can be considered to be a healthy alternative to the regular grains! Both selections are extremely versatile and make great additions to any dishes. They are deemed to be excellent sources for individuals seeking effective weight-management.

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Sing Health strives to share paramount care to our global audiences. With “Food for Health Food for Life” as our vision and mission, the brand is constantly searching for healthy meals and supplements that could contribute a vital role towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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ONI Global Group, headquartered in Singapore, is one of Asia's largest specialty retailer of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbal and other specialty supplements in anti-ageing and beauty, weight management, sports nutrition and energy.

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LAC has some 50 exceptional nutraceutical products providing discerning consumers with unparalleled solutions for their health and wellness. Focusing on beauty and wellness, LAC combines the best of eastern wisdom and western technology.

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