LAC JUNIOR - IMMUGUARD™ 15G x 30 STICKS 兒童益生菌免疫衛士_啫喱配方



Introducing LAC ImmuGuard™ Junior

Powerful jelly combining Four Powerful Strains of Beneficial Gut Bacteria and more to boost your child’s immunity and digestive health! Each stick of LAC ImmuGuard Junior contains

Lactobacillus Acidophilus - support gastrointestinal health, balance intestinal flora levels , manage food aversion symptoms
Bifidobacterium Longum - promote healthy digestive system, promote fast recovery after sickness, regulate bowel movement
Lactobacillus Casei - fight against harmful bacteria, reduce food intolerance, promote healthy digestion
Lactobacillus JohnsonII - promote good appetite, reduce discomfort after meals, relieve loose stools and stomach discomfort
Vitamin C - boost immunity, promote good resistance against common infections (e.g. cough and flu), support development of healthy gums and teeth
Zinc - improve appetite, boost immunity, aid digestion and nutrient absorption
Grape Seed Extract - manage food aversion symptoms, fight against harmful bacteria, protect body from free radical damage
Vitamin E - fight off bad bacterial symptoms, protect body from free radical damage, improve metabolism
Rice Essence – promote gastrointestinal health, support bowel movement, improve appetite

Fortify your child’s Immunity with LAC ImmuGuard™Junior today!

Direction of Use
Ages 3 – 6: Take 1 stick daily after meals.
Ages 7 – 12: Take 2 sticks daily after meals.


一款結合四種強大的對抗腸道細菌的益生菌果凍配,提高您孩子的免疫力和消化道健康! 每小條LAC兒童益生菌免疫衛士含有

嗜酸乳桿菌 - 支持腸胃健康,平衡腸道菌群水平,控制厭食症狀

長雙歧桿菌 - 促進消化系統健康,促進病後快速恢復,調節腸道蠕動

乾酪乳桿菌 - 對抗有害細菌,減少食物不耐受,促進消化健康

約氏乳酸桿菌 - 促進食慾,減少餐後不適,減輕稀便和胃部不適

維生素 C - 增強免疫力,抵抗常見感染(如咳嗽和流感),促進牙齦和牙齒的健康發育


葡萄籽提取物 - 控制厭食症狀,對抗有害細菌,保護身體免受自由基傷害

維生素 E - 對抗有害細菌,保護身體免受自由基損害,促進新陳代謝

大米精華 - 促進腸胃健康,支持排便,改善食慾

今天就用 LAC兒童益生菌免疫衛士 增強您孩子的免疫力!



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