LAC JUNIOR - Calcium Fit™ Junior 15G x 30 STICKS



As children grow and develop, calcium plays a key role in setting a strong foundation for their future. Without the adequate amount of calcium intake, your child might frequently experience

  • Tooth decay
  • Muscle cramps
  • Mood swings

Introducing LAC Calcium Fit Junior

A Highly Absorbent calcium jelly combining key ingredients for your growing child! Each stick of LAC Calcium Fit Junior contains

  • Calcium Lactate - build peak bone mass, improve skeletal structure, increase bone strength
  • Vitamin D – promote calcium retention, develop motor skills and neuromuscular control, build strong bones and teeth
  • Casein Phosphopeptides – optimise calcium absorption, promote health tooth enamel
  • Vitamin C – enhance collagen production for strong bones and joints, reduce bone and teeth resorption
  • Red Algae Powder – support peak bone mass, build bone structure

Give your child a strong foundation with LAC Calcium Fit Junior today!

People with low calcium intake / People with busy/hectic lifestyles / People who are lactose intolerant / People who dislike swallowing pills
Frequent travellers / Students / Seniors
Boost your calcium intake with LAC FullCal® today!

Direction of Use

Ages 3 – 6: Take 1 stick daily after meals.

Ages 7 – 12: Take 2 sticks daily after meals.

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