Probiotics are “good bacteria” that support your gut health by keeping the growth of harmful bacteria at bay. For women, probiotics are even more essential as gut health is significantly correlated to hormonal balance, menstruation cycles and urinary tract health.


Benefits of Probiotics for Women

  • Balance vaginal flora levels
  • Support healthy urinary tract function
  • Prevent vaginal inflammation, itching, discharge and pain (vaginitis and vaginosis)
  • Reduce mastitis in breast-feeding mums
  • Produce natural antibiotics designed to reduce pathogenic bacteria and kill invading pathogens
  • Fight viruses such as colds, flu, rotavirus, herpes and ulcers
  • Promote healthy digestion
  • Reduce lactose intolerance symptoms
  • Lower frequency of colic in infants


Introducing LAC Women’s Probiotic Complex 30 Billion CFU Capsule

The daily gut support that ALL women need! Specially formulated to target the unique needs of women, LAC Women’s Probiotic Complex 30 Billion CFU Capsule can help to

  • Replenish gut and vaginal flora balance
  • Provide strong resistance against urinary tract and vaginal discomfort
  • Reduce bloating and abdominal discomfort after eating
  • Overcome bowel trouble
  • Relieve indigestion and IBS symptoms
  • Boost immunity and recovery after illness/sickness
  • Maintain healthy gut microflora balance
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Increase skin radiance and clarity with continued usage


Each serving of LAC Women’s Probiotic Complex 30 Billion CFU Capsule is guaranteed to give you 30 Billion Live and Active Cultures. A good gut is essential to your body’s health. With 70 – 80% of immune cells in our gut walls, factors such as

  • Hectic work schedule
  • Frequent eating out
  • Diet filled processed food
  • Bad bacteria from the environment
  • Aging


can cause many seemingly unrelated gut problems. If you are experiencing…

  • Vaginal discomfort and itching
  • Yeast infections
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Heartburn
  • Cramps
  • Poor immunity
  • Slow recovery after falling sick
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea


These are all signs that your gut health might be in trouble! Maintain a strong immune and digestive system with LAC Women’s Probiotic Complex 30 Billion CFU Capsule!


益生菌是“有益細菌”,可通過阻止有害細菌的生長來支持您的腸道健康。 對於女性來說,益生菌更為重要,因為腸道健康與荷爾蒙平衡、月經週期和泌尿道健康密切相關。


  • 平衡陰道菌群水平
  • 支持健康的泌尿道功能
  • 預防陰道炎症、瘙癢、分泌物和疼痛(陰道炎和陰道病)
  • 減少母乳喂養媽媽的乳腺炎
  • 生產旨在減少致病菌並殺死入侵病原體的天然抗生素
  • 對抗感冒、流感、輪狀病毒、皰疹和潰瘍等病毒
  • 促進健康消化
  • 減少乳糖不耐症症狀
  • 嬰兒絞痛的頻率較低

隆重推出 LAC 女性益生菌複合物 300 億 CFU 膠囊

所有女性都需要的日常腸道支持! LAC 女性益生菌複合物 300 億 CFU 膠囊專為滿足女性的獨特需求而配製,可幫助

  • 補充腸道和陰道菌群平衡
  • 提供強大的抵抗泌尿道和陰道不適的能力
  • 減少進食後的腹脹和腹部不適
  • 克服腸道問題
  • 緩解消化不良和 IBS 症狀
  • 增強免疫力和病後恢復
  • 保持健康的腸道菌群平衡
  • 減少過敏症狀
  • 持續使用可增加皮膚光澤和透明度

每份 LAC 女性益生菌複合物 300 億 CFU 膠囊保證為您提供 300 億活菌和活性菌。 良好的腸道對您的身體健康至關重要。 我們的腸壁中有 70 – 80% 的免疫細胞,諸如此類的因素

  • 忙碌的工作日程
  • 經常外出就餐
  • 飲食充滿加工食品
  • 來自環境的有害細菌
  • 老化

會導致許多看似無關的腸道問題。 如果您正在經歷……

  • 陰道不適和瘙癢
  • 酵母菌感染
  • 腹脹
  • 氣體
  • 胃灼熱
  • 抽筋
  • 免疫力差
  • 生病後恢復緩慢
  • 便秘
  • 腹瀉

這些都是您的腸道健康可能出現問題的跡象! 使用 LAC 女性益生菌複合物 300 億 CFU 膠囊保持強大的免疫和消化系統!