LAC - STEMC® x 30 SOFTGELS | StemC 馬胎盤膠囊 [尊貴逆齡美肌 、 抗衰老]



The Elixir of Youth

Not all horse placenta are the same, LAC StemC® contains premium Thoroughbred horse placenta to boost cellular regeneration.

Ageing is more than just visible changes such as wrinkles and grey hair, it affects every part of your body – how you look, feel and function. Your body consist of trillions of cells; they are the basic building block of tissues. All cells experience changes with ageing, for example, change in size and/or shape, lose ability to divide and multiply, and build-up of cellular waste products. The ability to replace damaged or lost cells decreases and ultimately results in the decline in cellular function.

Reverse Time with LAC StemC®

Completely developed and manufactured in Japan, LAC StemC® is an unparalleled cellular rejuvenating supplement.

LAC StemC® is derived from the placenta of only highly-acclaimed, pure, Thoroughbreds (a premium horse breed used for racing), which are raised in Hokkaido under the most stringent quality standards and inhabiting in only the most favourable environment.

The consumption of placenta and its benefits have been widely documented across both culture and time. Used as a fundamental form of cellular therapy to assist cell rejuvenation and renewal, placenta is known to contain cell growth factors, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nourishing nutrients.

Each softgel contains

Thoroughbred Placenta

Precious concentration of 400mg thoroughbred placenta used per softgel. An advanced encapsulation process preserves vital cell growth factors extracted from the placenta, to repair and rejuvenate ageing cells and damaged tissues.

Grape Seed Oil
A potent antioxidant with excellent emollient properties to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin, and protects body from free radicals damage

Known to promote better blood circulation to revitalise body’s renewal system

Superiority of Hokkaido Thoroughbred Placenta

Hokkaido Thoroughbreds are renowned for their speed, power, strength, agility, and spirit. During the birth of their foals, the mare is closely monitored so that the placenta can be rapidly processed and frozen for manufacturing to guarantee complete freshness and effectiveness.

Raised at designated pastures, these Thoroughbreds are fed a high-nutrition diet that is safe and free of hormones. They’re cared for under the strictest hygiene control and stringent supervision of veterinarians.

Treatment involving horse placenta have been gaining popularity in the West recently — injured athletes including international football stars, who undergo horse placenta therapy reported much quicker recovery than their doctor’s prediction.

Direction of Use
Take one capsule daily, preferably before breakfast



老化不僅表現於外,如皺紋和白髮;老化更會影響身體的每一個部位 — 包括外表、身體感知,以及各種機能。


LAC StemC®肽速C馬胎素精華膠囊完全在日本開發和配製,是效果出色的細胞再生補劑!

LAC StemC®肽速C馬胎素精華膠囊僅採用備受讚譽的北海道優良純種馬 (賽馬用的優質馬) 胎盤製成。它們的飼養品質標準極為嚴格,生活環境也非常適合它們。