XNDO - ZERO™ RICE 120G x 5 PACKS │ 無憂蒟蒻米飯


Rice and Pasta


Ready-to-eat, complete meal.

Xndo ZERO Rice is an excellent substitute for any rice variety with a light, fluffy texture and a great addition to any dish and this makes a delicious and healthy alternative to your favourite comfort food.

Xndo ZERO Rice is Non-GMO, free preservatives, artificial colours and flavours

ZERO Rice is made of konjac and rice, which allows one to feel full for a longer duration.

Serving Methods:

1. Place both pouches into a pot a boiliing water and simmer for 3 to 7 minutes till suitable eating temperature achieved. or

2. Empty contents into a microwaveable bowl/plate. Heat in microwave for 1 to 2 minutes and serve.

Pouch is NOT microwaveable.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Singapore Halal Certification.

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Xndo 無憂蒟蒻米飯給你無顧慮的進食體驗,口感輕盈蓬鬆,可隨意和其它美食配搭,成爲你心目中的餐膳,既健康又無負擔。


Xndo 無憂蒟蒻米飯由非基因改造食材製成,無添加防腐劑、人造色素及增味劑。


加熱方法: 1. 原袋放入滾水煮3-7分鐘,然後開封混合,或 2.移除包裝後以微波爐加熱1-2分鐘。





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