Not sick yet not well? You may be suffering from sub-health, which is the health state that spans the gap between being healthy and not ill. When you are in sub-health, you may experience constant discomfort and a decrease in vitality, even though you are not ill.


Sub-health is particularly prevalent amongst white-collar workers aged 20 to 50, due to occupational stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Symptoms of sub-health include:

  • Unexplained fatigue Headache
  • Moodiness/anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • General discomfort /Body aches
  • Indigestion / Irregular bowel movement
  • Weakened immunity, falling sick easily and constantly

Over time, these symptoms can cause oxidative stress on your cells and other important molecules in the body, leading to accelerated ageing and deteriorated health. Antioxidants are therefore essential to protect your cells and restore your health to its optimal.


Introducing LAC Mega Antioxidant

A targeted formula of vitamins and nutrients that are high in antioxidants to promote cellular recovery, improve immunity and promote healing. Each capsule of LAC Mega Antioxidant contains

  • Vitamin A - maintain good eyesight, night vision and curb ageing symptoms. Vitamin A also support cellular regeneration and stimulate collagen production for youthful skin.
  • Vitamin C – protect cells from degeneration, support optimal tissue and vascular health, and rebuilds joint cartilage. Vitamin C can also neutralise free radicals and prevent free radical damage.
  • Vitamin E – promote blood circulation and tissue oxygenation to support healing.
  • Zinc - combat onslaught of germs and defend against invading lethal microbes.
  • Glutathione – possess antioxidant and detoxifying properties to help your liver build and repair tissue, as well as eliminate fats and boost immunity.
  • Turmeric and Olive Leaf Extract - defend against microbial and bacterial aggravation.
  • Catalase Enzyme – break down hydrogen peroxide into less-reactive gaseous oxygen and water molecules. Hydrogen peroxide is a harmful by-product of many normal metabolic processes that can damage cells and tissues.
  • Selenium - further enhance the effectiveness of nutrients in LAC Mega Antioxidant, allowing them to reach their maximum efficacy.


Restore your health to its optimum with LAC Mega Antioxidant today!

沒病還沒好? 您可能患有亞健康,這是一種介於健康和未患病之間的健康狀態。 當您處於亞健康狀態時,即使您沒有生病,您也可能會感到持續不適和活力下降。

由於職業壓力和不健康的生活習慣,亞健康在20-50歲的白領人群中尤為普遍。 亞健康的症狀包括:

  • 不明原因的疲勞頭痛
  • 喜怒無常/焦慮
  • 失眠
  • 一般不適/身體酸痛
  • 消化不良/排便不規律
  • 免疫力下降,容易生病,經常生病
  • 隨著時間的推移,這些症狀會對您的細胞和體內其他重要分子造成氧化應激,從而導致加速衰老和健康狀況惡化。 因此,抗氧化劑對於保護您的細胞並使您的健康恢復到最佳狀態至關重要。

LAC Mega 抗氧化劑簡介

含有高抗氧化劑的維生素和營養素的針對性配方,可促進細胞恢復、提高免疫力和促進癒合。 每粒 LAC Mega Antioxidant 膠囊含有

  • 維生素A——保持良好的視力、夜視能力和抑制衰老症狀。 維生素 A 還支持細胞再生並刺激膠原蛋白的生成,使肌膚年輕。
  • 維生素 C – 保護細胞免於退化,支持最佳組織和血管健康,並重建關節軟骨。 維生素C還可以中和自由基,防止自由基損傷。
  • 維生素 E – 促進血液循環和組織氧合作用以支持癒合。
  • 鋅 - 對抗細菌的侵襲並抵禦入侵的致命微生物。
  • 穀胱甘肽 – 具有抗氧化和解毒特性,可幫助您的肝臟構建和修復組織,以及消除脂肪和增強免疫力。
  • 薑黃和橄欖葉提取物 - 抵禦微生物和細菌的侵害。
  • 過氧化氫酶 – 將過氧化氫分解成活性較低的氣態氧和水分子。 過氧化氫是許多正常代謝過程的有害副產品,會損害細胞和組織。
  • 硒 - 進一步增強 LAC Mega Antioxidant 中營養素的功效,使其達到最大功效。

立即使用 LAC Mega Antioxidant 讓您的健康恢復到最佳狀態!

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