LAC KUROZU BLACK VINEGAR 90 SOFTGELS 消脂黑醋膠囊 Expiry date: 1/10/2024



While optimal health includes supplementation with the right nutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids) and lifestyle habits (e.g. exercise and rest), many still forget the importance of body pH levels. Over-acidity (acidosis), especially for a long term, can tip your pH levels into the warning zone and allow diseases to take root in your body. Common reasons for acidosis include

  • Imbalanced diet
  • Diet high in sugar, refined, processed food
  • Excessive coffee and soft drinks
  • Insufficient rest
  • Sedentary living
  • Chronic stress

A super concentration of Kagoshima Kurozu combined with Vitamin E and Sesame Oil to eliminate waste and toxins, build metabolic processes and promote body pH balance. Despite being slightly acidic, Kurozu can help to alkalinise your body when digested, as its by-products are base forming (alkaline). LAC Kurozu Black Vinegar is also rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which can help to 

  • Improve digestion and increase effective breaking down of fats
  • Maintain blood glucose and cholesterol health
  • Promote healthy cell membrane, cardiovascular and nervous systems

LAC Kurozu Black Vinegar is suitable for those who

  • Experience stress/stress-induced health problems (e.g. sub-health)
  • Have a hereditary risk of cancer
  • Are going through cardiovascular diseases/seek to improve their heart health
  • Have diabetes
  • Are looking to watch their weight

雖然最佳健康包括補充正確的營養素(例如維生素、礦物質和必需脂肪酸)和生活習慣(例如運動和休息),但許多人仍然忘記了身體 pH 值的重要性。 酸度過高(酸中毒),尤其是長期酸度過高,會使您的 pH 值進入警戒區,讓疾病在您體內生根發芽。 酸中毒的常見原因包括

  • 飲食不均衡
  • 高糖飲食、精製、加工食品
  • 過量的咖啡和軟飲料
  • 休息不足
  • 久坐不動的生活
  • 慢性壓力

超濃縮的鹿兒島黑豆與維生素 E 和芝麻油相結合,可消除廢物和毒素,促進新陳代謝過程並促進身體 pH 平衡。 儘管呈微酸性,但黑津在消化後可以幫助鹼化您的身體,因為它的副產品是鹼形成的(鹼性)。 LAC Kurozu 黑醋還含有豐富的必需脂肪酸和抗氧化劑,有助於

  • 改善消化並增加脂肪的有效分解
  • 維持血糖和膽固醇健康
  • 促進健康的細胞膜、心血管和神經系統

LAC Kurozu 黑醋適合那些

  • 經歷壓力/壓力引起的健康問題(例如亞健康)
  • 有患癌症的遺傳風險
  • 正在經歷心血管疾病/尋求改善心臟健康
  • 有糖尿病
  • 正在尋找他們的體重

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