LAC COQ-10 150mg 60sofegels Q10輔酵素膠囊




  • Boost heart strength, pumping blood into areas that need more oxygen
  • Boost performance and combat fatigue with better blood circulation
  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases e.g. high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attack, stroke
  • Protect cells against free radical damage, a major cause of premature aging and degenerative symptoms e.g. chronic fatigue, weak muscles


  • 增強心臟力量,將血液泵入需要更多氧氣的區域
  • 通過更好的血液循環提高性能並對抗疲勞
  • 降低心血管疾病的風險,例如 高血壓、心力衰竭、心髒病發作、中風
  • 保護細胞免受自由基損傷,這是過早衰老和退化症狀的主要原因,例如 慢性疲勞,肌肉無力

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