LAC TAUT® - COLLAGEN DRINK GRAPE SEED 50ML x 8 BOTTLES │ Taut® 膠原蛋白飲品 [日本製造] [香港原裝行貨]




The LAC Taut Difference

LAC Taut® RDS® Collagen provides Type I collagen, which is the most abundant in our body (and most important for our skin!).

Collagen found in our everyday diet is usually too large for the body to absorb effectively. But Taut® collagen molecules are broken down through a revolutionary hydrolysis process from large collagen molecules of 300kDa into premium low-molecular weight peptides of 5kDa. These low molecular weight collagen peptides are now highly optimised for better absorption by the body.

Pros of Red Snapper Collagen
Red snapper is one of the most premium fish collagen available, and is more bioavailable as compared to other animal collagen sources. They have smaller particle size, meaning it breaks down much faster and absorbs into the body better than other types of collagen.

Have you ever experienced taking collagen supplements that tasted very fishy or have a strong odour?

The odour is mostly attributed to the fats and oil originally present in collagen containing tissues! LAC Taut® RDS® collagen has a high degree of purity, void of typical strong odour, making it one of the cleanest and freshest quality collagen around!

With more than a decade of experience in the market, LAC Taut® takes pride in ensuring our collagen has no overpowering fishy taste or sweetness. Our collagen is always at the most optimal for absorption so that you can reap in the full benefits. Coupled with a careful selection of age-defying ingredients that provides additional skin benefits, bounce back with confidence today!

Direction of Use
Take 1 bottle, preferably before bedtime, at least 3-4 times a week. Shake well before drinking; drink immediately upon opening.



- LAC Taut®膠原蛋白飲品是一種含有 RDS®(Rapid Delivery System 快速釋放系統)膠原蛋白的傳輸配方,效果立竿見影。

- 膠原蛋白分子透過革命性的水解過程分解成小分子優質膠原蛋白肽,可更快被人體吸收。

- 每瓶含有 13,000 毫克提取自紅鯛魚的優質膠原蛋白

- 可促進肌膚光滑潤澤,提升肌膚彈性和韌性,更使肌膚緊緻透亮、煥發年輕光彩。

- 還特別添加了脫氧核糖核酸、玻尿酸、水溶性輔酶 Q10 及維他命 B群等有效抗衰老營養素,從內而外保濕並滋養肌膚。




LAC Taut®的非凡功效

LAC Taut® RDS®膠原蛋白富含I型膠原蛋白,這是我們身體中最豐富膠原蛋白 (對我們的皮膚尤其重要!)

日常飲食中的膠原蛋白一般顆粒較大,無法滲透皮膚。但Taut® 膠原蛋白分子通過革命性的水解過程分解。這些低分子量的膠原蛋白多肽可被身體迅速吸收。結合葡萄籽精華,可幫助老化細胞和受損組織恢復活力!


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