LAC TAUT SUNSHIELD 60 CAPS 回原抗陽晶白番茄膠囊 Expiry date: 1/9/2024




  • Each dose gives 1000 mg Brilliant White Tomato™ (Golden Tomato powder), a clinically proven high UV-absorbency sunscreen
  • With Vitamin C co-nutrient
  • Complement with Taut White for skin lightening, and even skin tone
    LAC Taut Sunshield absorb UV, Protect skin from radiation
    LAC Taut White alleviate free radical stress in the skin
  • Suits Vegetarians


  • Fight against visible signs of skin ageing caused by sun radiation (i.e. UVA & B)
  • With sunscreen application, this effectively protect you from sunburn, pigmentation and roughness due to sun damage
  • Alleviate skin sensitivity
  • Give UV protection from within which can otherwise cause skin redness and irritation
  • Brighten and even skin tone
  • Golden Tomato let skin complexion becomes more uniform in tone (with sensible external sun protection)
  • Take with LAC Taut White to promote skin clarity


  • 每劑量提供 1000 毫克 Brilliant White Tomato™(金番茄粉),這是一種經臨床驗證的高紫外線吸收防曬霜
  • 含維生素 C 輔助營養素
  • 與 Taut White 相得益彰,可提亮膚色,均勻膚色
  • LAC Taut Sunshield 吸收紫外線,保護皮膚免受輻射
  • LAC Taut White 緩解皮膚中的自由基壓力
  • 適合素食者


  • 對抗由太陽輻射(即 UVA 和 B)引起的明顯皮膚老化跡象
  • 使用防曬霜,有效保護您免受陽光傷害引起的曬傷、色素沉著和粗糙
  • 緩解皮膚敏感
  • 從內部提供紫外線防護,否則會導致皮膚發紅和刺激
  • 提亮膚色,均勻膚色
  • Golden Tomato 讓膚色變得更均勻(配合敏感的外用防曬)
  • 與 LAC Taut White 一起服用可提升肌膚透明度